Business Development

Sales is not a four letter word anymore.

Law firms have traditionally resisted the temptation of marketing themselves, and equally they have done little to educate their employees at any level in how to sell. Indeed with Marketing and Business Development not being taught at Law School many associates and partners have never really received any professional training in these increasingly critical aspects of business.

Times Are Changing

With increased competition even the most established well known law firms are having to respond, they now recognize they cannot sit back and wait for business to come to them. The times when they could rely on a few key clients business are gone, as are the times when they could rely on a few key rain makers to generate all their business.

What Is Your Competition Doing?

Your competition is developing and executing on marketing plans, business development plans and training plans. Your competition is using website SEO, website paid search marketing, blogging and social media to generate business leads. Your competition is training their employees in how to differentiate their firms, how to sell and how to leverage their personal and professional networks to bring in new business.

Do You Have The Right Team Of Resources?

Do you feel you have the right team of resources within your firm to respond to your competition's marketing and business development activities? Does your team have all the appropriate proven subject matter expertise to develop and execute the necessary plans and training to deliver the volume of new business you need to grow (or even just survive)?

  • If the answer is "Yes" then you should ask what has been preventing them from doing so to date? Have they been discouraged from doing so by the firm's leadership team? Have they not had the time? Either way there is need for a fundamental mind-shift within the leadership team, as clearly this will need to become recognized as a priority item and championed going forward. Internal resources are going to need to be freed up or some dedicated external resources leveraged to lead and execute those initiatives.
  • Equally if the answer is "No" then clearly identifying expert external help to help lead or execute those initiatives is going to be the way to go.

How do you identify the right external experts to be working with?

The Law Firm Consultants Network has within its' ranks a broad range of proven and carefully selected legal industry Marketing and Business Development experts as well as a broad network of external resources that we would be happy to provide you introductions to should our members not have the particular skills you are looking for.

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