Managing Your Firms Costs & Risks

Do you have what it takes?

Most law firms, from the smallest to the largest, at some point or another, find themselves struggling to manage their costs and risks.

Periods of success and growth (either from business development success or from mergers and acquisitions) naturally present different cost and risk management challenges from periods of contraction and downsizing, and these challenges don't even disappear when your firm is neither growing nor contracting.

What Is Your Competition Doing?

In short your competition is getting leaner and meaner, leveraging industry best practices, outsourcing and newer technology to deliver more for their clients, and for less with less risk. Status quo is therefore no longer an option, and change, although typically strongly resisted throughout the legal community, has become both a necessity, and where successfully adopted, also a significant differentiator for the firms "taking the bull by the horns".

Do You Have The Right Team Of Resources?

As a senior executive within your firm do you feel you have the right team of resources within your firm to help you navigate those cost and risk challenges? Does your team have all the appropriate procurement experience and proven subject matter expertise to help you investigate, select and implement the most appropriate cost and risk management initiatives to address them?

  • If the answer is "Yes" then obviously that is great, but only if your resources have the time to participate and lead those efforts. If your resources are already stretched too thin then unfortunately, even though they might have the very best intentions, they will likely just hold up any progress being made on those initiatives. (Clearly in which case you would be better reaching out for some external help with those initiatives.)
  • Equally if the answer is "No" then clearly identifying expert external help to help lead or execute those initiatives is also the way to go.

How do you identify the right external experts to be working with?

Well the Law Firm Consultants Network has within its' ranks a broad range of proven and carefully selected industry experts as well as a broad network of external resources that we would be happy to provide you introductions to should our members not have the particular skills you are looking for.

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Regardless of whether your initiatives are too drive costs out of your business, increase operational efficiencies or reduce operational risks please call us at 312-380-9725.

One quick call to explain your specific concerns or initiatives and we will see you immediately get connected with the appropriate experts to meet your goals.


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