Operational Excellence

Don't let your firm fall behind.

The words "Change" and "Law Firms" are not normally used in the same sentence unless the sentence is either "Law Firms hate change" or "Law Firms never change". Given the broad truth behind this, you can see why law firms have hardly become a breeding ground for Operational Excellence. However it is this very same fact has presented opportunities for those firms willing to adapt their processes to embrace new technologies and service offerings; opportunities to drive costs out of their businesses and quickly differentiate themselves from their peers, both to their clients and to their prospective employees.

Do you still have walls and walls of legal reference manuals?

Really? When did you last use one and how long did it take you to find what you were looking for?

Is one third of your office space taken up with old client files?

Really? What is your retention policy? What are the costs of filing and storing those files versus electronic storage? What additional security concerns do you have with those paper files?

Does your phone system ensure you never miss an important client call?

Does it ring your cell phone if you don't pick up your office phone? Does your voicemail get forwarded as a recorded message or even get transcribed to text and emailed to you so you can listen or read it on your smartphone, and of course file in the appropriate electronic file for that client? Can you just click on the client's number in your address book to have your phone dial them?

What Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plans do you have in place?

What would happen if you office burnt to the ground? What if there was an extended power cut, circuit cut or even an enforced evacuation? How would you continue to do "business as usual"?

What Processes have you not changed in 10 years?

Even good processes become outdated and often processes need to be revised when new technologies are introduced. If you have a process that has not changed in 10 years this probably means there is an opportunity for at the very least refining it.

What Technology have you not changed in 10 years?

If there is any technology you are using that is over 10 years old you can guarantee there is a better and cheaper technology out there which would increase the productivity of your firm's employees.

Do you have the right team of resources to review your Technology and Processes against industry Best Practices for Operational Excellence?

If you manage your technology and processes internally and have little staff turnover then there is little chance of ever becoming aware of a better technology being available or a better way of doing something. When did you last have an impartial third party review your technology infrastructure and processes?

How do you identify the right external experts to carry out an Operational Review?

The Law Firm Consultants Network has within its' ranks a broad range of proven and carefully selected legal industry experts as well as a broad network of external resources that we would be happy to provide you introductions to should our members not have the particular skills you are looking for.

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