Small Law Firms

Small or solo firms address opportunities and challenges similar to those of larger firms but without similar resources. When lack of time, expertise, or scope slow you down, give us a call. Our skilled and experienced professionals will lend a hand.

Business Development

Owners and CEOs of small companies who work in their businesses instead of on their businesses can struggle with the larger issues, especially business development. Smaller law firms face the same challenge. For example, your main responsibility is to practice law. But you also need to manage day-to-day operations and somehow find the time to lead your firm into the future. Where does business development fit in? How do you find the time to market and sell?

Specific marketing and selling activities that produce results are hard to pin down and even harder to measure. Our expert business development professionals can help you become much more efficient and effective in your efforts to bring in new clients and to increase revenue. They offer skills and experience in every facet of marketing and selling from public relations to informing the marketplace to helping you convince prospects to become clients.

Operational Excellence

What is operational excellence? It's essentially running your day-to-day business and practice functions efficiently and effectively with as little involvement on your part as possible. Off-loading non-legal practice functions has to be a key practice management objective. Why? It's because you're a lawyer. You're not an IT or telecommunications professional, meeting and space planner, interior designer, office or human resources manager, strategic planner, efficiency and productivity expert, or corporate benefits guru. Even in the practice of law you can often make good use of outside expertise in a variety of vital operations-related tasks, including in information and document management, witness preparation, and jury selection.

If you feel your practice is suffering because of operational inefficiency—or if you want to stop problems before they develop—touch base with us. Our professionals have significant capabilities across operations functions.

Cost and Risk Management

Many attorneys in solo and small firms, even those with some academic background in accounting or finance, can struggle with managing costs and perhaps more so with managing risk. Both areas require specific expertise that law schools don't teach yet are vital to a firm's success, or even survival. The necessary and intense focus on the practice of law can cause even the best-intentioned attorneys to allow financial and risk management problems to grow until they require necessary and intense focus. Where can our consultants support your efforts in these important areas? We can help across the board. Our resources cover budgeting, cost reduction, profitability analysis, benefits and insurance assessment, internal controls and fraud prevention, collections assistance, guidance on ethics issues, and many others.

Don't wait for small financial and risk management issues to get in the way of the practice of law and the growth of your practice. Check out our professionals sooner rather than later.


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